Monday, May 16, 2011

Prayers to my friend...

So I had reserve drill weekend this past weekend.  I don't know what it is about drill, but after this weekend that makes 2 women in 2 months that drilled for the weekend and then went on to have their babies very early.  I don't know if she reads my blog, but I am thinking of you and your precious little baby boy!

We talked quite a bit this weekend about baby Trey is doing, how she wanted to go drug-free, how she was hoping to keep that little one baking and have a 7 or 8 pounder.  I did talk to her about things not always going how we plan...she seemed to understand, but really?  How can anyone prepare or expect things like this?  Even though I was in the hospital with Trey I still didn't think that my baby would come early, especially after having a "normal" pregnancy with DD.

She didn't have any complications, totally normal pregnancy.  Yesterday she mentioned he wasn't moving, I mentioned that if she hadn't felt him move by the evening when she was relaxing to make sure to go in.  I don't think she had a chance to relax as she felt menstrual type cramps, went in, and was fully dilated.  She had him very quick, he weighs 3lbs and if I remember right she is 31 weeks (or very close to that, 30 weeks 4 days-ish).  Her little one is in the NICU, but she is at a different hospital.  I don't think they had time to transfer her to a hospital that had a NICU like in my case. 

Although Trey wasn't in the NICU, I know I can be a good listener...she was there for me and I appreciate everything that she did for me!  She even took time out of her day to listen to me and she came to the hospital and reenlisted me in the Navy.  It was great! 

I am planning on going to lunch with her this week at the same restaurants that DH and I frequented while Trey was in the hospital and I will be handing down the adorable preemie clothes...:)       


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