Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The dreaded phone call

So today I got up the nerve to call the fertility doc.  I left a message on the nurse line and of course I didn't have my phone on me when they called back (I was out frantically looking for infant suppositories which I did not find, I saw them last week and the store was out!).

The nurse said that there is no set time to wait to TTC again.  When we are ready we will call to schedula a consultation, then the doc will go over things with is and might even change the protocol as I had severe preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome.  Not sure what he would do, but he is the one with the knowledge.  My OB is definitely not.  I know he had good intentions when he told us to wait 6 months, but then in the next breath (when he realized we had severe issues Oing) he changed the time we should wait to a year...WTH?  Really?  Then he said to call the infertility doc.  I WILL be changing to a different OB, if I get pregnant again I will probably have to be with a perinatologist (sp?) anyway, but I will need to find a regular OB...I don't htink I can handle him much longer...:)

Anyway, I haven't really talked to DH, just mentioned the great news to him.  I am not sure when we will decide to go back, I do know that I need to lose some weight (I would like to lose 25lbs).  I am not over the BMI where the RE won't treat me, but I can't see myself getting pregnant at this size...I would be a house at 8 months pregnant...

I am excited, yet a little scared....but I am hopeful.  I hope that things work out and we will be able to add to our family again, I am glad that I have my wonderful RE and won't have to go through all those years of false hope.  I do realize that I might have to stop working with adding another child in the mix, and that would mean getting rid of quite a few things that we don't "need"...:)  Simplifying isn't bad....right?

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  1. This is indeed good news! I just hope that you will be careful!!!