Thursday, February 10, 2011


DH's grandmother has never been wrong at guessing gender.  Back in August (right after I took the trigger) she told us I would get pregnant and we were having a girl.  Either way is fine with us, after waiting this long I am not one to be picky.

Tonight DH called his grandma to wish her a happy 85th bday.  She is getting older and forgetting things, but she asked how I was doing with the pregnancy and when we are due.  She then told DH that we are having a boy.  LOL, we were 100% positive (from her earlier prediction) that we were having a girl, now?  Not so much.  Funny as DH and I were just talking about how different this time is, how much I haven't gained, how it is pretty much all in the front, and how I am not craving the sweets like I was with DD. 

Eh, no matter what we will be prepared and jump for joy for whichever gender we are blessed with.  This little one is a true miracle and to think that we are where we are now, it just takes my breath away.   


  1. I have been told REPEATEDLY that I am having a boy, based on carrying all front, apparently. Who knows? It's the best surprise in life ;)