Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cloth diapers...

Been wondering if I can tackle cloth diapers.  I wanted to do it with DD, but I wanted to use a diaper service as I knew nothing at all about washing them.  We have our own washer and dryer so I figure it will just mean an extra load of laundry twice a week.  Not a big deal though as I know the laundry will multiply with another little one in the house.

I know they are more cost friendly, but I work full-time...will I really have the time?  Heck, even if I cloth diaper the few months I am home with the baby I will see some savings...jsut have to convince DH that it isn't gross to cloth diaper.  He won't be doing the washing anyway...LOL

Anyone have suggestions (I know the brand of pocket diapers I will use) or pointers?  Thanks!!!


  1. An extra load of laundry twice a week? I think it would be more like an extra load of laundry a day.. but... I guess I don't really know.

    It might be fun to try but to me I think it would be way too hard.

  2. I would love to try it for the sake of generating less garbage and saving money. However, like you, I work full time. I'm already trading sleep for household chores - not really wanting to trade more for diapering! And lastly, we are on a septic system, so we have to be careful about water usage. So, not really an option for us. I know Lisa (3 Cats & a Baby) uses them! Try her. :)

  3. Robin - Yea, I will buy enough to wash every 3 days. Found a great brand (friend recommended them) and they are inexpensive.

    Amber - That has been a concern, trading time for washing, but with DH's help we should be ok...LOL

  4. You look awesome lovely lady and I'm glad to hear that your pneumonia is gone. We love cloth diapering so if you have any specific questions drop me an email other wise the short version: with one kiddo we washed diapers every other day (really don't want to leave them sitting longer then that, trust me). Cloth wipes are awesome, might want at least 3 dozen, no spray is needed for these, water works great. We wash everything with Seventh Generation liquid laundry soap and it does a great job. Planet Wise makes my favorite wet bag.

  5. Visiting from ICLW...I am waiting on an adoption placement and am intrigued to try cloth diapers when the time comes. If you choose to try them, keep us informed!

  6. I cloth diapered triplets and it was an extra load a day so with one i'd think you could go 2-3 days between. Depends on your washer, water, detergent and baby.

    I told dh I was doing it with or without him and showed him a diaper and how it was the same thing as a disposable except you toss it into the laundry instead of the trash. After a while he was trying to convert other fathers. LOL