Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Heart palpitations and furniture...

So I was sitting at work and my heart started racing.  I thought that was odd.  A few minutes later it happened again, and then again about 5 minutes later.  So I called my OB, he asked if I had any caffeine (not since July) or if I had been doing any sort of activity (nope) or if I was in a warm room (yes).  So I left the warm room and drank another 50 or so ounces of water.  Feeling better now and didn't have to go in.

The time has come to pick out the furniture.  We have it down to 2 different companies and after thinking about each set and looking at it online I think I (ha, not we) decided on the Babi Italia Eastside convertible cherry crib (and tall 5 drawer dresser).  We will also buy a changing table (but not another dresser, too much $ and space used up in the room). 

Here are the pics:

I think it will work out perfect.  Excited to get things going and clear out that room!  Doing the getting ready for baby dance now!!!  :)

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