Friday, December 3, 2010

150 days...

Amazing.  Amazing to think that in 150ish days I will be meeting my new baby!  I feel him/her every day now, especially when I am sitting at work in my uncomfortable chair.  Just a little thump here and there to remind me that he/she is there...It is amazing what I forgot since being pregnant with DD...I love each and every day that I have with this little one in my belly...:)

Probably already mentioned this many times, but DH's grandma has predicted a girl.  She has never been wrong, even when an u/s proved her wrong.  DH's aunt was pregnant and it was said to be a boy from u/s, everything was bought for a boy, and the baby came out a girl, just as DH's grandma said. 

This pregnancy has been completely different than with DD, but I don't think that is any way to judge whether or not this is a girl or boy.  I have already been picking up miscellaneous items, not too much though, mostly clothes and things for the crib (gender neutral).  We have toys leftover from DD, and honestly this time around I know I don't "need" as much.  There were many thing we bought or were given that just sat there unused.  Firm believer that each baby is different though and even though DD didn't like something the next one could....the essentials will do us just fine this time. 


  1. I keep calling Cricket "she" because I can't say "it." If Cricket is a boy, oh boy, I am going to have to do a pronoun switch but fast! So, you think girl, too? And yes, those little thumps are great :)

  2. Yea, thinking girl as DH's grandma has never been wrong! :)

  3. Glad things continue to progress well for you. Will be interesting to see if DH's grandma predicts Baby's gender correctly! :)