Tuesday, September 28, 2010

First OB appointment

LOL, it is amazing the information that doesn't end up getting to the doctor...when I called to make the appt I made sure that they knew I needed an ultrasound as we still weren't sure if there were 2 little ones in there or not.  The OB then tells me at the end of the appt that we don't need an ultrasound and I argued...oh, and DH and I are both not the biggest fans of the doc.  He has an odd demeanor...I can deal with it, well at least until I change over to a midwife.  Not sure when I should do that.  Or if I should. 

So the appt ended, I had some bloodwork to get done, and we went ahead and scheduled a ultrasound.  We actually got an appt for about an hour later.  We were pretty excited to see what is going on in there.  The ultrasound tech we had was really nice, she explained that if there was anything wrong she couldn't tell us and she would refer us to a radiologist.  I understood what she meant (no heartbeat, probs with the baby, etc).  After looking for what felt like much longer than it really was the tech showed us the heartbeat and took 3D pics and told us everything looked really good.  Well, minus the fact that she kept telling me that my left ovary is pretty large (not too large, whatever that means).  I had to explain about all the stim drugs and my PCOS issues.  She was pretty shocked to hear that I have PCOS because I guess I don't fit the "profile" of most PCOSers.  Yea, I told her my fertility doc told me that I am an anomaly.  LOL

So we will be requesting her (Ann) for the anatomy scan.  We told her we will be wanting this little one to be a surprise and to have us look away from the screen if htere are obvious parts exposed.  Also, she told us not to go and pay $$$ for a 3D ultrasound as she will do one at the anatomy scan at 20 weeks.  Pretty cool lady.  Great day.   


  1. Yay for a good ultrasound, and a great u/s tech!

  2. So glad to hear everything looks good :) Such great news :) Today was the first time my ovaries DIDN'T get looked at in a long time. I actually mentioned it. LOL. And it sooo cool you get the 3D free!!!