Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Well, it is official.  I managed to upset a gal (on a message board) that has been struggling with IF and recurrent m/c.  I didn't mean to of course, it is not like I am some fertile gal or anything, I know the feelings of hopelessness and the feelings that I am not a "real" woman as I struggle to get pregnant.

Ugh...I had a huge paragraph typed up for this blog but it just isn't worth it for me to post it.  I apologized and tried to explain to the gal what I meant but something with me and my BFP must have hit a nerve.  I won't be posting on that message board again.  I am sure my BFP (even though I struggled for 5 years to get it and have suffered a loss) has made a few (or more) women upset.  Guess I will stick to pregnacy boards from now on. I hate drama...but I added to it...:( 


  1. Well Erica-

    Some folks just can't handle anyone else getting a BFP but them.
    I will be the first to admit that I was upset when I saw your FB message to me. For a few minutes I hated you and then I got over it. And it wasn't so much that I hated you personally...I just hated the fact that I am still NOT pregnant.

    You earned this right (and the right to be over the moon)...Don't let anyone take that happiness away from you.

    With that being said, forgive me for hating you for a few minutes??? ;)

  2. Message boards can be very catty...I stay the hell away from them. You have every right to be happy, and it is hard for some. We still love you!

  3. Tiff - Oh, I know the me! I have been jealous for years and it just sucks. I know you will get your BFP, might just take some stronger drugs or treatments...;)

    Kakunaa - Yea...message boards...they are ok until someone gets catty like you said. I feel for those gals dealing with IF, heck I have struggled with it for 11+ years...

  4. I think that when anyone gets a BFP, fellow IF sufferer or not, it stings. But I agree that it sucks to feel like you did something that hurt someone. Sorry!

  5. haha - I managed to get one girl all riled up yesterday too on a message board (a pregnant one too) when she asked if having a second shower for her second child was tacky. I said yes - she wasn't happy with my opinion. Guess she should have asked for validation and not opinions....

  6. Crossed fingers - If all goes well with this pregnancy I will just be having a diaper party. Even though it has been over 5 years since my last baby shower we kept a lot of essential items...;)