Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Not very long ago

Last month (my first ICLW) it seemed like every PCOSers blog I visited was pregnant.  I even made a comment somewhere, heck I think I wrote a blog about it...I was feeling so hopeless, I was feeling like another pregnancy was just out of reach...so if you are suffering from IF or SIF (as I struggle with) then I would understand if you decide not to read my blog...I have been thinking about this, even before the BFP...how hard it is to go from being infertile to growing a little bean...you see we were on the last injectables cycle before stopping IF treatment and saving money (and our sanity) to go through 1 IVF cycle early next year (and if BFN then possibly a FET later in the year). 

But now I worry about this little bean, so many things could go wrong...I have 2 more weeks to wait to see if there is a heartbeat.  I have gotten a lot farther than the last time I got pregnant, but that doesn't ease the fears.


  1. I keep worrying I will lose people visiting my blog for the same reason....I know the blows when reading a Pg blog, but so far so good :) I am hoping for a heartbeat Monday...and for yours in 2 weeks! Congrats once again!

  2. First congrats! Second, yes, it's tough to be in the in-between world: you're technically pregnant but not far enough along to have moved on. Your readers will stay with you if they want or when they're ready to check in. But then you'll get other readers who are also in the in-between world. Luckily there are many of them.