Friday, July 23, 2010

Down regulation appointment

Nice to meet you Mr. Wandy has been awhile.  Well, not really...we just had a date a few weeks ago, didn't we?  I was looking forward to seeing you all week!  Forget all the bloating and nausea from those pesky Lupron injections, that appointment with you was what really matters.

Anyway, it is hard not to laugh at how friendly I have become with the u/s wand...I am sure many of you know what I mean...I am anticipating many more wanding appointments than during any other cycle I have had due to the overstim on Gonal f last time.  So, back to the appointment.  I had one of the nurses that I really like for the bloodwork (E2 levels) and the u/s.  Something I have to mention is that at my fertility clinic the nurses do everything, there is no u/s tech or nurses aid to draw blood.  Last year when I was still with my OB I would get u/s by a tech and they never told me what they saw, I hated that.  I would ask questions and each tech every time would tell me that the OB could answer my questions.  Blah.  Nothing like being clueless!  Then the OB was clueless anyway...

Ok, really...back to the appointment.  My lining looked good (the minipill did it's job) and there were a few small PCOS follies on one of my ovaries but the nurse said it didn't look like anything to worry about.  Honestly, last cycle (May) there were more small ones than there were this time so I am feeling pretty good about it.  After the appintment she gave me the plan for drugs (she asked if I wanted to start tonight...uh, yes!  Definitely!), so now I just have to wait until later when they call with the E2 results and then I can start the 75iu of Gonal f tonight.  Next appointment is Monday morning for bloodwork (E2 levels) and u/s.  At that point the RE will decide if I need to adjust my dosage of Gonal f (after finding out the E2 levels).  I am pretty sure the appointments will be at least every other day from then on.  Last time I didn't go in until I had been on Gonal f for 5 days...wondering if they could tell at that point that I was already hosed?

So, I have to break out the big guns later, I have a stash of Gonal f in my kitchen cabinets.  It makes me smile every time I see it as this time the meds were covered by insurance this time.  Yay!   

Edited to add:  E2 levels came back normal (25.2) so I start tonight! 


  1. Yeah! Doesn't a clean ultrasound just make your day? It's really pathetic when you think about it. "At least for this moment I look normal! Hooray!" For most people this is not a great achievement, but for us it is!

  2. Thank you for your post - I have my first monitored cycle in September and it's good to hear that there is a way to keep positive! Good luck this time round. x

  3. Thanks ladies! My E2 level came back normal! Starting injectables tonight...;)

  4. I think that is cool that the nurses do all the stuff. At my center they have rotating phlebotomists that do the blood work stuff and then the nurses do the u/s's. Not all of them are great though. I hope your cycle goes well!

  5. Infertility whether it be to get #1 or #2 just plain sucks. I'm not sure which is harder, having experience both.

    I wish you all the very best with this cycle, and pray that your journey through IF for #2 is close at an end.