Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Yay for June!

May was not a good month for me in many ways...cancelled cycle because of too many follicles, I was due in May, and I am sure there are other reasons that are escaping me at the moment.  But June?  June could be the month that my RE figures out the correct dosage of FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) and June could be the month that I finally really ovulate.  I am just as excited, scared, and nervous as I was last cycle...but this time I know that if this doesn't work I have IVF as an option.  It is going to hurt to pay for it, but I will pay it for another little bundle of joy.  This IVF thing might have to wait until winter time though.  I want to be able to pay for it all at once and not have to get a loan or put it on a credit card...so cash it is!!!  And maybe I will even see if we can do a cycle of another drug (Femara) to see what happens, we could get lucky while we are waiting for IVF.  But I won't hold my breath, don't worry...

So I start down regulation in 3 days, and then I have a down regulation appointment on June 14th and hopefully a few days after that I can start again with Gonal f (the lower dosage)...YAY!!!

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  1. Yay for June is right! Positive thoughts, positive thoughts... :)