Friday, May 14, 2010

Follie check

Oh, the never ending Erica and her ovaries drama...shoot me now...

My lining was great (measured 14mm), and then the follie scan started...there weren't any 16mm or over, the largest was 14.5mm, but there were 17 follies between 12mm and 14.5mm! And there were 35 under 10mm. Whoa follies! No wonder my womanly parts have been hurting and Tylenol hasn't been helping... I was trying to keep positive about it and I joked to the nurse that I would probably be a prime candidate for IVF, and she agreed. Yikes. They are going to call me back with the plan, so I am guessing they are going to start me back on Gonal-f to keep those follies growing, but they could also cancel the cycle for over production. That pisses me off because I paid for the meds out of pocket (because ins won't cover if meds if I have an IUI or IVF), I asked the billing office and the nurses if we could just do a cycle to see how it goes and do timed intercourse, but they wanted to do it this way. The only extra money they are getting is for the IUI and it isn't much. I want to scream and curse right now. I have to remember that it isn't over until I get that phone call saying that it is cancelled. I will try to keep the hope alive.

They gave me more drugs just in case I run out, I shouldn't run out before Monday, but we will see what happens...I hope I don't have to use theirs, wondering how much that is going to rack up on my cc bill. I need to win the lotto.

I need a money tree.  I want another child so much.  What do you do when you don't have the money to pay for IVF?  I don't want to take out a loan!  I should buy a lotto ticket (and I totally don't believe in the lotto). 
AFM - Got the call back from the nurse. First I want to say that before all this mess TTC#2 I was different ethically so don't think bad of me. Ok got that out.

The nurse said that the RE wants to cancel the cycle because of over production unless I am ok with selective reduction. That is something that DH and I didn't want to even think about unless it happened. Well, it has happened, we have triple the amount of follies that they are looking for. So the nurse needed an answer before she would go on. So I told her it is a very hard decision that we have talked about and we would do it for the safety of my life and the other babies. That tears me up inside, but if it is what has to be done then that is what has to be done. So we would have to reduce down to twins. Done with talking about that.  Not worried about judgement as DH and I are the ones that have to live with the will tear us up, but it is what it is.

So next she said no more injectable follicle stims (YAY!) So I keep taking the injections of Lupron (to hold of Oing) and then Sunday evening I take the hcg shot to induce O. I am freaking out right now. Trying so hard not to cry. So Monday is a VERY important day, I have yet another u/s to check follies, if there are waaaay too many mature ones then they will cancel the cycle and we are to not try to get pregnant until a new cycle starts, I am guessing that they will put me on drugs to induce that but I am not sure. If things look better and not too many of the follies mature then I will go in for the IUI on Tuesday. Another scenario that I just thought of is that the follies could stop growing,...too much could happen...

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