Friday, April 23, 2010

Psycological component of infertility

I read a great article today, on my search for infertility blogs. This article is long, but there are circled areas and underlined areas that could have been written by me! It is so hard to try and get a fertile person to understand what I am feeling...from what I skimmed over in the article it hits it pretty much head on.

The Psychological Component of Infertility

Hoping the weekend flies you haven't heard that lately? LOL. I have drill (Navy Reserves) and dread it the week leading up to it, but once I am there it is ok...;)


  1. It sure is a great article! I am glad you found my blog and the article! Thanks for your comment and here's to hoping this coming month is the one for both of us!!

  2. I hope it works this time!! Love ya girlie!

  3. Hello, found your blog via LFCA and thought I'd stop by as I am also encountering SIF.

    Thanks for posting this amazing article. Look forward to following your journey with you. :)

  4. Stopping by to say hello from LFCA. I had read that article from another blogger, it is a fantastic, insightful look into the reality of infertility for those of us who have lived it. Best of luck on your journey:)