Thursday, April 15, 2010


Why do I do this to myself? I have been "researching" (HA Googling) PCOS and infertility and what Tricare (our insurance) will pay for. Well, they won't pay for my really important med if I do any type of artificial procedure. You don't want to know how much this would cost, when the pharmacy told me the price I felt a little throw up creep up my throat. So I called and left a message at the fertility clinic's billing office. I hope hope hope that they don't send the authorization with information on it saying that I am having an IUI. Because if so, we will just do a timed intercourse cycle and see how that goes before I shell over the big bucks. And if I don't end up ovulating then I won't be wasting good money on a cycle that is a bust.

As for PCOS, I have read a lot about women that Clomid didn't work for and their fertility doctors recommending them for IVF after Clomid failed to produce anything. That makes me nervous. I just don't get it. I can't afford IVF right now, but if that is what it boils down to DH and I will have to talk...How is it that I have been pregnant (twice now) and it is taking soooo long? How do I get through each is hard. I have probably said this before but I am thankful for Doug and Chloe, work, shopping, video games, and TV.

Adoption...I will have to look into what it would take for a domestic adoption, maybe a child from our county? Not sure about all that, but my job will put $$$ towards adoption, that is pretty nice. Off to Google...

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