Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Another day closer...

4 Provera pills left. The waiting is horrible. Oh, and just so you know, Google is NOT my friend! I am nervous for all of this...nervous that I won't respond to the meds, nervous that the drugs are going to cost too much money (guess I am going to have to keep driving around that car that really needs to be replaced!), nervous about pretty much anything I can think of. I am liking the idea of looking at this in steps. Step 1, monthly "gift". Then I can worry about step 2.

Then I think about what we will do if 3 cycles of this doesn't work? First the doc has to get me to where I am producing follicles and ovulating, but after 3 cycles of that he will probably recommend us for IVF. If it gets to that point I want to do it, but I know we can't afford it. I mean, really? I have a child...had her unmedicated (after 5 years never on birth control)...what is the deal with this time around?

I am glad that my doc is being aggressive. It really does help to have a great doc. 2008 and 2009 were pretty bad with my OB, obviously letting nature take its course doesn't work with someone like me...

If this works and I carry to term we will be going back to this doc and trying again right away (those are the plans for now).

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