Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Well the cd3 u/s went well...not so sure I was actually on cd3 though. DH asked me how I don't know what day I am on, well I don't get AF every month and all these drugs make it act different every month that I get it so...hopefully I was pretty close!

I should probably get this blog out there somewhere. I have no clue if anyone is even reading it. But you know what? I don't care. I didn't even realize how much this would help me. To get it all down, well almost all of just feels good. Like it is an outlet for my feelings...funny thing is I don't talk about my feelings much. So this is a little unklike me...;)

Back to the SIF stuff...I asked the nurse at the RE's office how many cycles I am supposed to do of Clomid. After this one I have 4 more. This is technically my 6th cycle on Clomid, but since I changed to a new doctor's office the counter start over. I am guessing the next step would be Femara (letrozole). I have read that there are less side effects (yay) and it works better for women who are Clomid resistant. I am not sure I am Clomid resistant yet, especially since I did O on it once.

So, 8 more days on 100mg of Clomid, then cd16 (Monday the 5th) I have my next u/s to check and see if there are any follies growing this time.

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  1. Well I'm definitely reading your blog. It does help to write things down, doesn't it? I'm rooting for you.