Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Side effects

So each and every cycle I have been on 100mg of Clomid or more I have gotten some side effects. My most favorite (ha) is the moodiness. At a moment's notice I can go from happy-fun-smiling Erica to depressed-sad-defensive-bitchy Erica. Then there are the hot flashes...those are horrible! All of a sudden I feel a whole lot warmer than I did a minute before. Or waking up in the middle of the night and then throwing the covers off because I am sweating so badly. Weird. I am always cold, but not while on Clomid! Of course there is bloating, abdominal pain (which I get from Metformin too), headache, and sometimes my vision gets a little blurry around the edges for a second, then I blink and it goes away.

I am now on cd10, 2 more days on Clomid. Then the day after Easter I will be assisting the nurses on an egg hunt, but this is an egg hunt on my ovaries. If there are eggs, we'll force them to come out with some HCG (Ovidrel)...if there aren't any eggs hiding out then this cycle will probably end up being cancelled too.

I have been reading a lot of infertility blogs lately, and I found this quote on one of those blogs: "I've walked many paths in my life; many I never wanted to. I've learned that things that should come easy, don't always come at all. And that, though we may be stuck forever in the darkest night of our lives, we never stop longing for the the sun to rise."

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