Monday, June 18, 2012

15 month appointment

Hi all.  I have been thinking a lot about this was first started as a TTC with IF blog and I never intended for it to become an "all about baby" blog, but thought an update was in order.

T is now 15 months old, 20lbs 15oz (7%), 31.something inches (65%) and head circ is 91%.  Walking, talking, and has 10 teeth (2 molars coming in - eeek!).  He hasn't had an ear infection (yet) and has been in the best health since we brought him home from the hospital after his 13 day stay after he was born. 

Other than that?  Not much going on.  DH and I have talked about TTC#3, but at this point in our lives that is taking a back burner as we are both busy with our civilian and military careers.  I long for another child, but value my health (and life) and there is always that fear lurking in the back of my brain as to what could happen if we TTC again (high chance at multiples and high chance at Pre-E/HELLP again). 

So for now, I am signing off although I will keep this blog up and running as I hope that my journey helps someone else out there....

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  1. I love you more and more each day. Thanks for everything you have done for us to have the family we have.