Wednesday, April 6, 2011

8 days later...

So here I sit, staring at my little man...such a perfect little one.  I feel so blessed!  I think back and realize that this whole pre-e thing came from out of the blue and I wonder about the what if's...what if I hadn't gone to L&D that night?  What if my liver hadn't felt like it was going to explode?  I am thankful that everything happened the way that it did, no questioning that there was something wrong with me. 

Even though this whole experience was completely different than the one I had with DD, it couldn't have worked out better.  (DD was an 8lb-er, was not good at nursing, then I got PUPPPS and had to quit, DS was 3 pounds, and is a BFing champ!  It is great, he surprised everyone as he took to BF right after he was born (with a shield of course, his mouth is still too little), I knew he would as he LOVED that paci...I loathe the day I go back to work as I know I won't get that bonding time...)  I look back at the days I had to leave the hospital crying without my little bundle of joy and I understand now that the time I spent there was totally worth it (uh, I was there for every feeding for so many days in a row that I lost track of everything...showers, brushing my hair and my teeth, sleep, forgot to eat, etc).  I believe I kept myself from going crazy by being there, hanging out in the hospital with my little man.  The feedings were at 2am, 5am, 8am, 11am, 2pm, 5pm, 8pm, and 11pm.  I believe that most of the nurses thought that I was crazy, they kept telling me to get some sleep, but how was I supposed to sleep when my little guy was there and I wasn't caring for him?  It took me over a week to realize that he was being cared for in the best way possible. 

Now that he is home it is our job to care for him, and those first few days with a preemie were pretty hard.  It has been much easier now that I am on a schedule with him, but a short 3 weeks from now I will be going back to work...yay.  My boss told me to try to get some more time off, but there isn't a doc out there that would do that for me, I am fine now (took about 4 days to get normal after the pre-e and spinal headache).  We have family coming to visit to help out when I have to go back to work (we don't have close family local to us that can stay and watch DS while we are at work).

And on to the pics...:)


  1. I love the photos you have taken. I have tried to get creative with mine, but I swear I just go trigger happy some days. He is adorable, Erica. I wish you didn't have to go back to work so soon...don't even get me started, but I am so glad he is doing well!

  2. LOL, I have gotten trigger happy too! Took a pic of him in his tiny preemie gown, haven't gotten that one up yet. I decided I won't be putting him in those anymore unless I cut that darn elastic! Blah. They are pretty flexible though, I just need to ask if I can work part-time and I am sure they will approve it. Just have to figure out the dates that people aren't visiting as they will watch him then. I was told njot to put him right in daycare so hopefully we can make it until June 1...:)