Monday, January 24, 2011

Wow! Less than 100 days!

As I sit here typing and reading blogs, I have a pile of tissues waiting off to the side...why, you ask?  This prego lady has an insane cold.  I had been fighting it off since Wednesday or Thursday, but I am sure working the whole weekend along with some additional hours over my 40 usual hours working last week didn't help my fight.  So I finally called the nurse line and got the list of meds I can take.  Mucinex DM seems to be doing the trick (along with Tylenol and cough drops). 

Week 26!!!

How far along: 26 weeks! Your baby would now weigh about two pounds and measures around 14 inches- just like an English hothouse cucumber.

Total weight gain/loss: 15 pounds (that is until my appt on 2/2 when I find out how much I have gained the last 4 weeks)

Maternity clothes: Definitely.

Stretch marks: No new ones.
Sleep: Eh, the cold I have been dealing with has me up at all hours blowing my nose...:(
Movement: If I sit still long enough (ha!) I can feel the little one kick (enev when sleeping).
Cravings: Haven't been very hungry the last 4-5 days due to the cold. 
Gender: It is a surprise! I have stocked up on some neutral layette items (had more than a few neutral items left over from DD) all are washed and ready to go!
Symptoms: Heartburn, tired, hands are a bit swollen (already???)
What I miss: The things I miss can wait 3+ months.

What I look forward to: Meeting this little miracle.

Moods: Getting a bit more emotional these days.

Milestones: Another week down!

Medical Concerns: Not a concern, but this cold is kicking my rear!  I even debated going into work today...LOL
Weekly Wisdom: Hummm...none really this week.  :)
Best moment this week: Realizing that I have about 3 months to go...
Worst moment this week: No really bad moments, nothing compares to the sickness I have right now!


  1. Glad the pregnancy is going well, but I'm sorry about the cold. I got one when I was about 37 weeks pg and I've never been so miserable. There wasn't enough room for my lungs to expand by that point anyways and then I couldn't breathe out of my nose. Bummer! Get well soon!!!

  2. Aww, mama. I had one last week, and I DIDN'T go to work. Hell no. It was sooooo bad. I feel for ya! Try to get rest! HUGS.