Monday, September 13, 2010


Ok...I made it.  Got into my room and slept last night...had a boring first day of school.  I won't get much time off until the weekend and since I am pregnant I bet there are a few people in class that will ask me to be the designated driver...LOL  Well, that is ok, as long as I get some daylight to take some great pics of New Orleans! 

Been feeling ok, not hungry at all most of the time.  I know I have to eat but nothing is appetizing.  I have snacks that I thought would help but eh...that is ok.  When I feel "off" it makes me feel a bit better about the pregnancy.  Keeping my fingers crossed that everything looks ok at my appointment in 15 more days!

I can't wait to get home though...DD is a bit depressed that I am gone.  It is different because I am not a million miles away like I am when I go to Japan...this time I am just a few states away...she is such a smart little kid. 

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