Monday, July 12, 2010

Feeling positive about it all...

So my daughter and I were on a flight to get to a wedding.  We fly standby and ended up getting seats next to a husband and wife (across the aisle).  I noticed the woman was a little on the large side but I didn't look any farther than that.  After we got to cruising altitude she got up to use the restroom and I noticed that she looked about 20 weeks pregnant.  LOL Of course I get seated next to a pregnant lady!  At first I just sat there and sulked.  Then I turned to her husband and asked when they were due, he said "November", I asked "boy or girl?"  He stated "twin girls".  Well, that got me uber curious!  The gal came back from the restroom and I started talking to her.  One of the first things that she said was that they are IVF fraternal twins.  Then I find out she also has PCOS.  We talked a lot on the flight, I bet that the people around us really didn't want to hear about our issues, but I didn't care.  I found someone IRL (in real life) to talk to if only for an hour or two.  We have a lot in common, minus the fact that I have an awesome kid already, but sometimes that happens with PCOS.  Spontaneous ovulation.  I lucked out with DD.  I don't think that people that have never dealt with IF (infertility) can ever understand.  If I had not been on that crazy healthy eating and exercising kick she probably wouldn't be here.  Luck, miracle, call it what you want. 

I know a gal who has 3 year old identical twins that went to the same place as the gal I met on the plane did.  The gal I met on the plane bought the 3 refundable cycles and the 2nd cycle worked and they have 6 totsicles on ice.  DH and I won't do another IVF cycle if the first one doesn't work.  At least not a fresh cycle.  Hopefully we have lots of good follies and get many many great embryos to freeze.  If IVF#1 doesn't work then we will definitely do a frozen cycle...

That renewed my interest in IVF.  So I think it is April or bust!  I will try to keep a positive mind about the 2 (or maybe 3) injectable cycles we have left before we end up going ahead with IVF.  By April we will definitely have the $....want to pay cash...;)

I am so glad that I got up the nerve to say something to that couple.  If I hadn't, I would have sat there the whole flight mad and depressed.  Even though I got up the nerve, it still doesn't change the fact that every time I see a pregnant lady I feel sad.  I know that finally getting pregnant will definitely help with that, but ugh!  It is so frustrating waiting and waiting...stupid long cycles are getting to me.  July 23rd is my down regulation appointment, if all is well I can start stims the next day or 2 afterwards.  The days are dragging by!


  1. I understand hating the sight of pregnant women...I do too.
    I hope that your appointment on the 23rd is positive and helpful!