Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Come on already!

So I have this nice vacation planned...and it is going to get messed up because AF isn't showing her face.  My last BCP was Sunday and nothing yet.  I think I usually get it within 5 days of the last BCP and that is not good considering I will be traveling for a week starting on Friday morning.  Have to get that baseline ultrasound when AF arrives though.  Looks like DH and DD might have to go without me on Friday and I will have to take a later flight IF cd1 is Friday.  If not, then we (or just me) won't be going to Disneyland on Monday...:(  Sucks that it is probably going to mess stuff up this time.  We have cancelled 2 vacations so far this year because of infertility appointments...this will be 3 vacations...depressing.  Well, the positive side to it is that I am saving time off and money...LOL  Gotta save for IVF...;)

Come on already!  Let's get this cycle started!  I have a good feeling this time...good feeling that I might not overstimulate and that I will actually have a chance to get pregnant!

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  1. Hoping that AF shows her face soon so you can still go on vacation. It is unfortunate how many sacrifices infertility causes people to make. Hoping this time the timing works out for you so you can still go.