Monday, July 19, 2010

4 more days!

In the home stretch...4 more days until my down regulation appointment.  I had a little hiccup the first day I was to start Lupron (the 14th), we were at Disneyland and I totally forgot that morning was the first day I was supposed to start.  We got back from Disneyland and I took my 20 unit shot, and then took another about 8 hours later (2nd day was on schedule).  I felt like crap on the plane back home the next day...light headed...wondering if it was because of the double dose of Lupron.  Anyway, I am excited to get this going.  Everything should work out ok with dates, but I am a little nervous as DH has a 3-4 day trip that he has to go on right around the time that I would be getting ready for O.  If I have to I will fly to where he is to make sure that this cycle isn't a wash...these cycles are waaaaaay too long to do that...


  1. Yay, I made it back to your blog...finally. Best of luck this week! We missed you last night...hope all is well.

  2. Thanks...I am finally painting my kitchen cabinets! Figured if I was going to be hot anyway I could be in my garage working...;)