Wednesday, April 21, 2010


So, there are lots of different websites with info about Clomid. It is supposed to induce ovulation in 80% of women (if I remember right) and after 6 months on it, 30% of those women get pregnant. :( So it didn't work for me on the FDA's recommended dosage. My RE didn't want to go up to a higher dosage because of the negative effects it would have on my reproductive system.
I am too scared to look up the stats on PCOS and injectables. I have read about fertility doctors wanting to go straight to IVF as it is a lot more accurate. They place 2 fertilized eggs in your uterus (sometimes 3), but with injectables they have no way of knowing how many eggs will get fertilized. <- Hence Jon and Kate plus 8. They went through an ovulation induction cycle and the sextuplets were the result. My fertility doctor will refer me to a multi fetal reduction doctor if something like that happens. He will refer me to one if there are too many follicles growing, I think the max is 5...the doctors have no clue how many will get fertilized and how many will implant. He explained to me the additional stress that each pregnancy has on the woman and the baby(ies), it made complete sense and I am not looking to become a reality show. I just want another baby to hold in my arms and love.

I started Norethindrone today...4 more days and I start down regulation (suppress hormones = menopause). Looks out everyone...and you thought the Clomid crazies were bad enough, right? LOL

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