Monday, April 5, 2010

Another follicle check

So today is cd16. Six days after my 10 days on 100mg of Clomid. I was trying to be positive about this appointment but after all these months it sure is hard to keep my chin up. We are quickly coming up on 3 years of trying to get pregnant. THREE YEARS...ok, for a year of that I was clueless to all of this stuff, but last January I started the researching and I have learned so much in the last year+.

Doug (DH) went with me to the appointment, it was very nice of him, and I think it helped him understand things a little better. Before the nurse started I had a question. I asked her what the next step would be if the 100mg of Clomid for 10 days didn't work, she said that is usually does and not to be worried. I bet she wishes she could eat her words now. There were a few follies, one on each ovary, but they were much too small. They usually look for follies that are 16mm, mine were 7mm and 8mm. The nurse apologized and asked if I had ever been on injectables (I haven't) then she said they would call later to tell me what to do next.

So I received a call on my way to work, two choices: have another ultrasound on Friday or start drugs to induce AF now. After talking to DH I decided to wait until Friday. Maybe they grow late? I can hold on to that hope I guess. I ovulated on a higher dosage (which my new doctor won't out me on because of the side effects), but I didn't ovulate until cd18. So maybe I will get lucky and they will grow.

I feel almost as bad as I did after that miscarriage in September. At least I ovulated then. I just want to lay down and cry...there have been tears in my eyes all day. I have been avoiding people...don't want some comment to set the tears in motion...

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  1. Okay, can you explain to me about the follicles? I need to read up a little more on them. What do they do?? And why do they need to be bigger. I want to know this before my first ultrasound next week.